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For this first blog post, I have decided to write about my experience at Wenatchee Valley College in Wenatchee, Washington playing two years of college basketball.

After playing basketball my entire life there were moments late in my high school career where I would find myself on the fence about whether I would want to take my skill to the next level. It wasn’t until after my senior season that I had made my decision that this may be my only chance to continue playing basketball.

I had decided that I would like to go on a visit to WVC and even though it was my first time in Wenatchee, I automatically fell in love. Everything about the atmosphere was so warm and welcoming. I gave up a very pleasing offer from another community college after I made the gut decision to turn down a scholarship for the overall quality of my social and educational experiences.

Over the course of my two years on the team, we accomplished great things and made the history books under multiple categories. Our freshman year was the first time the women’s team had made it to the championships in over 8 years. While we did not place at the tournament, our team was abundant in hungry freshmen ready to come back to seek revenge as sophomores.

With much dedication, hard work and leadership from a sophomore-strong team, we were among 8 out of 36 teams to make it to the championships. Although we were beating the team who won the title by 14 points at one time in the semi-finals, we ran out of gas and settled for 3rd place.We made ourselves, our coaches and the community of Wenatchee very proud.

I will always cherish those two very short years in that valley with some of my best friends. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to play college basketball, become the first in my family to obtain some form of college degree and be surrounded by acquaintances who quickly became my sisters. I firmly believe that my experience in Wenatchee shaped me in numerous ways and will benefit me greatly in this particular major.


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