Yet Another Opportunity For WSU Sport Management Students

Today ( Friday, March 31st) a Career in Sports: Exploration Fair was hosted by the WSU Sport Management program and was put on in order to inform Sport Management students here at the university of numerous networks in their potential career. This event was located in both Cleveland Hall and the Education Edition located on campus.  Information panels started at 12pm and go until about 6pm. A dinner is provided for those who attended at least three sessions and will be a great opportunieInformation could be found on both the Sport Management program’s Facebook as well as the official Twitter pages.

The career exploration fair started at noon with pizza and the topic consisting of practicum opportunities. Members of the Seattle Seahawks street team, Basketball Travelers, Inc, Seafair and CWU Athletics’ Marketing were in attendance during the first session. The next session consisted of information regarding professional sport administration which was conducted with guests from administration with WSU Football, WSU Basketball and the Spokane Indians. Directly after, another information panel consisted of college compliance, high school and junior college sport events as well as university recreation were attended as well. Further panels took place in which the topics of Social Media, Marketing, Sponsorship and Ticket Sales and much more.

These kinds of opportunities that are provided here at WSU are great ways to get those that are interested in making a career out of sport involved and network with very well-renown people as well as organizations. Having access to certain events such as this is a major why I chose to attend the Washington State University. The university as a whole provides much diversity, opportunities to get a quality education and give you that hometown feel. I am very thankful to be going to an amazing university in an area in which I have called home my entire life.


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