Interview with Caitlyn Seiger

This interview gives the background of a student that is currently in the Sport Management program at Washington State University. Caitlyn Seiger, whom I have previously known from being a fellow student-athlete at Wenatchee Valley College, discusses how her experiences of playing a sport at the collegiate level is challenging, yet rewarding.

Conducting this interview was actually inspiring. We utilized Studio 59 in Cleveland Hall which was easy, accessible and the technicians involved where extremely helpful when using the equipment throughout the entire session. The recording of each other took approximately thirty minutes total. We liked the background was black (plain), the lighting was just right, there was a steady camera and the microphones made our voices very crisp. Being able to witness first hand how simple the set-up was and how easily someone can go in there and make a very professional video was amazing. I feel as though it was a great opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and use that equipment that once seemed so foreign or intimidating.

Once this interview was done, we obtained all of the raw footage and began editing our own videos. I was able to obtain some photos of Caitlyn and her time playing fast pitch at Wenatchee. The overall editing process took me about 3 hours total, which was a lot quicker than I had projected.

Creating a video and hearing her story was very rewarding and inspiring. I was always around Caitlyn on campus, announcing at her team’s games, yet hearing her experience was a great thing for me to hear and also made me reminisce on those hot days watching her and her teammates lead two utterly successful seasons for the Wenatchee Valley College Knights.



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