1604439_10203172122049904_117090212_nHello! My name is Taylor Redman and I am currently a transfer junior enrolled in Sport Management 379. My major is Sport Management and I am obtaining a double minor in both Business and Communications.

I grew up in small farm town 15 miles north of Pullman by the name of Palouse, Washington. Growing up, I was involved in many activities including riding motorcycles on the track that us kids built, playing sports and doing anything outside and working on the farm. Basketball was the biggest part of my life and I ended up taking my passion on to the next level. I had the opportunity to play two years of college basketball at Wenatchee Valley College where our team made the history books and had two very successful seasons there. After battling injuries both years, I decided that the game was taking more away from me than I was gaining from it. I hung up my jersey and gave up my first true love since 1st grade to focus on my education and making a living.

I decided that, while basketball may not be my full-time job anymore and that had lost a lot of passion for the game, sport in general will always make me who I am. Therefore, when hearing about how great the Sport Management program at Washington State University, I figured that it was inevitable I would end up back to where I am fortunate enough to call home.

Now, I am enrolled as a full-time student, coaching youth basketball teams in my hometown, a volunteer manager for the WSU women’s basketball program and hold a time-slip position here at WSU.

My overall career aspiration is to either be on the coaching staff or a director of basketball operations for a Division 1 institution or obtain any sort of position at Nike. Therefore, I hope that in whatever I choose to do, I will be able to travel the world and leave the country for the very first time. The opportunity has yet to arise for me to travel abroad but I hope in the near future that will change for me through work.